The 2cloud Project on Android

android2cloud iconWelcome to the website for android2cloud, the Android implementation of the 2cloud Project. android2cloud was the first client for the 2cloud Project, and actually pre-dates the project by more than half a year.

android2cloud allows you to send links from your Android device (running Android 1.6 or greater) to any of the browsers supported by the 2cloud Project. You simply use the Menu > Share button to select android2cloud, choose the Device you want to send to, and hit Send. The link will automatically pop open in the browser, or if the browser's not open, it will open for you when the browser next starts up.

android2cloud, like the rest of the 2cloud Project, is entirely open source, decentralised, and secure. We use OAuth to log you into your Google account, we allow you to specify the server you want to store your links on, and we publish the source code for every new release over at our Github account.

You can download the latest release of android2cloud in the Android Market.